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Materials and Finishes
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Finish Samples are available to order.
Click on an image to see a close-up.

natural color of the bronze
with a rich, warm reddish-brown
overlay pattern

(champagne gold)
natural color of the bronze,
hand rubbed, and sealed to
inhibit tarnish

(champagne gold)
natural color of the bronze
polished to a soft sheen
and sealed to inhibit tarnish

Jaye Design’s version
of the traditional
darkened bronze patina

a deep, dark iridescent
brown-black with shades of
eggplant patina over bronze

a soft matte black patina
that transforms bronze
into a wrought iron look

Stainless Steel

a warm hand cast
stainless steel polished
to a lustrous sheen

Satin Stainless Steel
a hand-applied satin finish
on warm, hand cast
stainless steel

an iridescent
patina over bronze

solid black patina
with a soft sheen
over bronze

Sóko by Jaye Design’s products are manufactured in two materials, hand cast bronze and hand cast stainless steel. Our stainless steel is 316 marine grade. These materials are available in ten standard finishes and custom finishes. Slight color and shade variations are inherent in the chemical patina process. When ordering additional product to be used in conjunction with previously purchased product, a sample is strongly recommended to ensure closest finish match. Every effort has been made to finish our products in a protective way; however, bronze will inevitably darken as it ages. Please exercise the caution you would with any fine cast metal piece and avoid abrasive cleaners and avoid acidic handling. Photos and descriptions are not ideal representations of finishes and finish samples may be purchased for clarification.

Custom finish quote available upon request.

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