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About Jaye Design

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About our company…

About our designer...

About our casting process…

About our company policy...

About our company…

Jaye Design LLC manufactures sculptural collections of distinctive decorative hardware and accessories that are creations of designer and sculptor Cari Jaye Sokoloff. We are proud of our RAPID SHIP program and ship our most popular items in 5 - 10 business days. All Jaye Design LLC products are manufactured in solid bronze and solid stainless steel entirely in AMERICA. Beautifully functional, these hand-crafted collections help to set the stage for exciting design in any residential or commercial installation.

Jaye Design LLC’s fine hardware and accessories can be ordered directly from our many showrooms throughout the country. Custom order questions, inquiries about our hardware, and inquiries about our displays may also be directed to Jaye Design LLC.

About our designer…

Whether working in stone, hand-cast bronze or mixed metals sculpture, artist Cari Jaye Sokoloff adheres to her leading creative principle, integrity of design and materials. Born in La Jolla, CA, Sokoloff possesses a background in theater design, and she has traveled the globe for inspiration. Sokoloff's work achieves striking sensibility and exquisite individuality, and she welcomes commissions for custom art pieces.

About our casting process…

Jaye Design LLC designs are handcrafted with meticulous workmanship using the lost wax method of casting. There are many steps in the process.

Each design begins with a prototype cast from a wax original. From this prototype a silicon mold is made. Once an order is placed, hot wax is poured into the mold, cooled, and released. Next, our workers clean and repair the seams and flaws left by the mold. A sprue system is attached to the cleaned wax in order to facilitate the flow of molten silicon bronze or stainless steel. This sprued wax is then dipped many times in a slurry to form a high temperature ceramic shell. This shell will harden and be placed in a kiln to burn out the wax, leaving a cavity in the ceramic shell in the shape of the original design.

Silicon bronze is heated to 2000°, stainless steel to 3300°, and poured into the hollow ceramic shell. Once the metal is cool, the shell is shattered to expose the cast piece. The sprue joints are cut from the rough casting. Rough areas and imperfections are smoothed with progressively finer tools and then textured to match the rest of the piece.

To achieve Jaye Design LLC’s unique patinated finishes on our bronzes, various acids and chemicals are applied under extreme heat to chemically alter the bronze surface. Once given a patina, the surface is sealed. Jaye Design LLC also clear coats the bronze to inhibit tarnish. A certain amount of wear is natural and will only enhance the character of your bronze pieces.

About our company policy...

  1. How to Order - Reseller shall present Jaye Design LLC with a signed Purchase Order for each order placed with Jaye Design. Purchase Orders may be placed by mail. Verbal Purchase Orders and verbal changes will not be accepted. No changes to a given Purchase Order may be made after confirmation of order by Jaye Design LLC. Standard lead time on Jaye Design LLC products is customarily four to six weeks plus standard ground shipping time from confirmation of order. All sales are final, including custom orders. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Custom order rates shall be determined on a per order basis. Custom designs executed by Jaye Design LLC become the intellectual property of Jaye Design LLC. Jaye Design LLC reserves the right to photograph and publish custom projects.

  2. Discontinuance - Jaye Design LLC reserves the right to discontinue or change any price, product, design, function, and finish without prior notice.

  3. Shipping and Handling - Shipping and handling charges from the place of manufacture, currently California but subject to change, will be added to the total invoice amount. Jaye Design LLC is not responsible for any damage once products leave the place of manufacture. All claims must be filed with the carrier directly.

  4. Terms - Jaye Design LLC shall receive a signed Resale Certificate to accept Reseller's purchase orders or the current appropriate California Sales Tax will be added to the invoices. Jaye Design LLC will offer Reseller prepaid terms to initiate production until a relationship is developed. All orders for products for display, and for custom products, are to be prepaid. When granted by Jaye Design LLC, payment terms are pro forma, defined as Due and Payable 21 days from the date of the invoice. Large orders require a 50% deposit to initiate production. If Reseller fails to pay within terms granted by Jaye Design LLC, payment terms will default to prepaid. Reseller shall submit a credit application with satisfactory trade and bank references. All credit information must be submitted in writing with an authorized signature. Jaye Design LLC reserves the right to cancel or change its credit terms at the management's discretion and may request advance payment at any time. All payments are to be in U.S. currency only.

  5. Penalties - A penalty of the maximum allowable percent of the invoice total may be added to all invoices for which payment is fifteen days past due. Additional penalties will accrue for each additional fifteen days past due thereafter up to the limits allowed by applicable law. Any cost incurred to enforce the collection of an invoice and penalties will be added to the balance due. Jaye Design LLC may hold pending orders on overdue accounts. For each check returned to Jaye Design LLC unpaid by Reseller’s bank, a fifteen-dollar service charge will be added to the outstanding balance.

  6. Merchandise Claims and Returns - All sales are final. Any claim for defective merchandise or shortages must be made in writing directly to the shipping company and to Jaye Design LLC within ten days of receipt of the shipment. Defective merchandise, returned for repair or exchange, must be accompanied by a Jaye Design LLC issued Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) form. The RGA number must also be marked clearly on each carton returned. No returns are accepted for defective merchandise after thirty days.

  7. Disclaimers - Jaye Design LLC products are made individually and sizes and colors may vary. When ordering additional product to be used in conjunction with previously purchased product, a sample is strongly recommended to ensure closest finish match. Every effort has been made to finish our products in a protective way. Please exercise the caution you would with any fine cast metal piece and avoid abrasive cleaners. Returns will not be accepted for irregularities, tarnish or scratching.

Jaye Design LLC products are made in the U.S.A.

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